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The Hotel Royal loves animals!

We are welcome if we are well behaved
In this hotel we can book a standard room, with a balcony if we are small (max. 15 kg.) And polite. The receptionists, eagerly, will assign us a room at a safe distance from our fellow hosts so as to avoid noisy "bitching" on the balcony.
On the solarium we can run around only if accompanied; on the private balcony of our room we can also stay
unattended if we are able to observe the fundamental rules of "Good Neighborhood"! We are not allowed to stay or pass through the dining rooms. The room, the balcony, the solarium, the hotel park are not our toilets, so in the event of embarrassing problems, our owners are required to clean immediately. It is advisable
walking with sanitary bags also along the streets and paths of the town; in this way the pleasure of our holiday will be more profound and shared by everyone, even those who cannot count on the affection of our fellow man.
If we remain alone (for example while our owners are going to breakfast), it is advisable to limit our freedom to only the external balcony or, if the climate does not allow it, to the bathroom.
If our master is aware of our gnawing habit
furniture and furnishings, it is advisable that in the room we wear the
muzzle, in order to avoid unpleasant discussions and having to face unforeseen expenses, aimed at remedying the damage.
It is important that our owners make arrangements with the
housekeeper of the floor regarding the schedule for cleaning, and exhibit
if necessary, the sign
This is to avoid being caught alone, intent on performing
diligently our job as guardians and in order not to run the risk that, seeing the door open, we will want to venture out without a companion. Once eliminated the risk of every possible
misunderstanding, the maid will surely turn out to be a friend and will proceed in cleaning the room following the same dynamic as
look for all other rooms.
The daily maintenance of our personal effects (bowls,
litter boxes, etc.), however, remains a commitment of our owners ... Certain
attention for us, such as those shown to them, does not have them at all
no one else in the world… and we love being the only users of a
such an exclusive service! ... after all you know: we are adorable habituals!
Usually our hosts, when packing their bags, think of us first than of themselves, so we never arrive at the hotel unprepared.
In case of forgetfulness, however, it is possible to consult the catalog at the reception and order canned food of various brands, keeping our eating habits unchanged (Service subject to
supplement related to the cost of the feed itself).
It is absolutely forbidden to give us leftover meals intended for human guests; it is not hygienically and morally correct.
We remind you: The room that has been assigned to us is ours only for the period of the holiday and we must therefore keep it and leave it in optimal conditions in terms of cleanliness and comfort, so that future holidays are always better than the previous ones.
Certain of establishing a welcome relationship of affection and mutual respect with the management, hotel staff and other guests, we thank with a cordial and discreet Bau, Miao, Bau!

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